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Trying to making skin care products that can be usable from a baby.
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Hokkaido Kawazoe Company Co., is the company that produces the basic cosmetics mainly for sensitive skin.
Despite of low recognition, the number of our sale has increased year by year; is approximately 200,000 bottles now! 20 years has passed after the company had established, thanks to the costumers.
We have business mainly to big drug stores in Japan.

Founded in 1977,we acquired the patent of the deodorant using an originally developed ingredient. Utilizing it, we acquired another patent as the therapeutic agent of the mastitis of the milk cow. We began to offer the products to dairy farmers in Hokkaido after this patent.
Today, we offer the products to farmers in the Tohoku district.
After that, we started the cosmetics development utilizing the original ingredient. Our concept is to make products that can be usable from a baby. It has been only 20 years after the first sales, but many customers understand our concept and continue to use them daily now.

We do not make trendy cosmetics nor produce on a large scale. Instead, we I value manual labor and give our products from hand to hand. All of our employees work hard to make the products that can be used from a baby and a child safely.
With making cosmetics, we aim to being a company that is needed by society not only for cosmetics but also various products.

trade name

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Trade name Hokkaido Kawazoe Company Co.,
Company Address 1-2-37-89 Kougyoudanchi Asahikawa Hokkaido 078-8271
Telephone number (81)166-36-5201
Fax number (81)166-36-5251
Company Formation November 1976
Capital Ten million JPY
Representative Shinji Saijo
employee number 24
Company's bankers Hokuyou Bank Asahikawa branch ,
Hokuriku Bank Asahikawa branch
Closing-out September
Business Catalog Cosmetic production and sales
(Registration number 01CZ290008)




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