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Essence Moist

Moisturizing lotion

Moisturizing lotion

The thick texture works to remove dead skin cells, allowing moisturizing ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.
A mild formula means it is safe to use by people with sensitive skin.
With a light texture, it shares the same elements as essence.
Tightens oily skin and makes it fresh and soft.
Use in combination with essence for enhanced moisturization.
Sensitive skin Dry skin Free of oils and synthetic surfactants Oily skin Free of oils and synthetic surfactants
50ml:8,800yen(tax included) 120ml:3,850yen(tax included)
Applement gel Optima cream

Moisturizing gel

Moisturizing cream

It moisturizes as it repairs age spots, freckles and other damage caused by UV rays.
Oil-free and lightweight, it is easy to use.
Is compatible with skin that is sensitive to irritation.
Hydrates and gently cares for delicate skin.
Easily spreads across skin, locking in moisture.
Blocks moisture from escaping, giving skin resilience and suppleness.
Prevents dryness that causes wrinkles and irritation, providing skin with nutrition it needs.
Sensitive skin Dry skin Oil-free Sensitive skin
30g:13,200yen(tax included) 30g:8,360yen(tax included)
Tenderly gel Clean

Moisturizing gel

Facial foam

Plant extracts balance the skin, ceramides protect the skin's moisture.
Moisturization will last for a long time.
Gently envelops the skin with a non-sticky freshness, revitalizing its firmness and radiance.
A soap-based, low alkaline facial cleanser blended with moisturizing agents.
Cleanses your face without overstripping it of sebum, leaving your skin smooth and supple.
Uses no synthetic surfactants.
Sensitive skin Oil-free Sensitive skin Dry skin Synthetic surfactant-free
100g:4,620yen(tax included) 100g:4,400yen(tax included)
Body mate Body mate

Body lotion

Body lotion

This body lotion revitalizes skin after a bath.
Moisturizes, for a vibrant body.
This body lotion revitalizes skin after a bath.
Moisturizes, for a vibrant body.
Dry skin Dry skin
500ml:3,850yen(tax included) 300ml:2,640yen(tax included)

Moisturizing gel

The plant-based ceramides work to supplement the ceramides that are prone to deficiency, while the plant extracts further enhance hydration.
Increases protection, giving you moisturized and stress-free skin.
Dry skin
600g:7,700yen(tax included)


What is IQS?

It is a facial lotion designed to help skin restore its natural resiliency by generating a healthy cell turnover through purifying (with proprietary ingredients) and moisturizing.
What are user impressions? (Essence)

Users are pleased with the way in which the rich, creaminess is quickly absorbed by the skin, moisturizing it without any stickiness.
Are there moisturizing agents?

Many people have expressed extreme satisfaction with the hydrating benefits of the added hyaluronic acid and trehalose, as well as the thick, yet quick-absorbing qualities of the polyacrylic acid.
How can I get the best benefits?

Apply it immediately after washing your face (or taking a bath) in the morning and at night. Dispense 2 or 3 pumps into the palm of your hand and smooth over your entire face. Use gentle strokes and avoid vigorous rubbing.
How long will one bottle last?

In general, one bottle of face lotion is usually made to last approximately one month. For IQS Essence, we suggest using one month to one and a half months as a guideline, although usage will vary according to individual skin conditions. *The expiration date is 90 days after opening.
I have heard that it contains very few preservatives. Are there any special instructions of which I should be aware?

IQS contains the same amount of preservatives as food, so please be careful not to touch the dispensing spout directly to the palm of your hand.
Is it safe to use on sensitive skin?

IQS is oil and alcohol-free, and contains no synthetic fragrances or artificial coloring. Overall it has received great reviews from customers with sensitive skin, but we recommend that first-time users, especially those with delicate skin, conduct a patch test by applying a small amount behind their ears or on the underside of their arms.

Informational tidbit Many of our users who have experienced irritation with everything they have tried previously, have been impressed with our products. Of course, there are individual differences and not everybody has received the same benefits, but we do hope that you will try our products.
Are preservatives used?

In order to maintain the quality of our products, we have added minimal amounts of ingredients that act as preservatives. That is why we ask that you do not touch your hand directly to the dispenser spout.
Do you use synthetic surfactants?

Synthetic surfactants are not used in any of our IQS products.
Can your products be used in combination with products from other companies?

Yes, there is no problem with using our products together with those of other companies. However, we recommend that you use KAWAZOE COMPANY face lotions immediately after cleansing your face.

Informational tidbit Skin that has been cleansed of sebum can absorb face lotions more easily. That is why using our highly moisturizing facial lotions that are free of synthetic surfactants, oils, fragrances and other additives, increases the effectiveness of other products. The effectiveness of our proprietary polyacrilic acid formula for removing impurities (purifying) is also improved when used on clean skin.
Is there a target age group?

Please look at our products in terms of skin condition rather than target age group. Those with healthy skin (particularly people in their teens or twenties) sometimes do not experience any difference. The majority of our customers are in their forties and fifties, but we do have users that cover a broad spectrum of babies to eighty-year-old men.

Informational tidbit Our loyal customers include men who use our products to tone their skin after shaving.
I am a fan of your products. Do you sell refills?

All of our products contain as minimal an amount of preservatives as possible. Thus, we do not provide refills due to the risk of bacterial contamination when reusing containers or transferring products from one container to another.
Do I need to use sunscreen or a primer?

You do not have to use a primer. However, these products are not designed to improve the application of make-up, so it seems that there are some people who use primers and others who do not. Our face lotions contain unique ingredients that act as a thin coating on the skin, so there is no problem with applying foundation directly over it, but they do not contain UV protection agents, so we recommend that sunscreen be used after applying our face lotions.
The skin around my eyes and mouth get very dry. Is it okay to apply products in those areas?

There is no need to worry about using our products in those areas. During the allergy season, many people with sensitive skin, and those who experience irritation around the delicate areas of their faces, apply it around their eyes and mouths.




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