KAWAZOE Craftsmanship

Commitment to quality

Our production volume is no match for the major manufacturers that produce tens of thousands of products in a single day. However, we have something that cannot be outdone by the major manufacturers - High Quality. Our products are created, examined and disseminated individually by hand. Though simple, we consider this important. Taking pride in "making things by hand" is what generates high quality.

Commitment to materials

"Cleanse", "Moisturize" and "Supplement". These three major elements are vital to cosmetics and must function, not as "additives" extracted from various ingredients, but as agents for drawing out the innate "natural healing powers" found in skin. We also seek to create safe products that can be used even on newborn babies. In order to achieve that, we have chosen to utilize good materials and a good environment.

Commitment to environment

Ashikawa City is located near central Hokkaido. Located at the foot of the Daisetsuzan Mountains, and surrounded by as many as 130 small and large rivers, the city is abundant in clean water. This environment endowed with both lush greenery and urban functions is the foundation of our product craftsmanship.

Asahikawa City

Commitment to manufacturing

In order to make good products from good materials, instead of relying on machinery alone, we carry out production by using our own "hands" to conduct quality control at each stage of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, just as tradition has dictated since days of old, craftsmanship requires "time and effort". In other words, manufacturing processes require not only effort, but time, as well. Take for example our essence. Its unique "creaminess" improves penetration into the skin. To create the thick texture, the technique of taking the time to slowly churn the ingredients is indispensable. With the technology to commoditize good products from good materials, and with our motto of “high quality”, we will continue manufacturing reliable products.

Commitment to ingredients

Our products are predominantly "fragrance-free, dye-free, oil-free and alcohol-free". Instead of using alcohol in our post-bottling sterilization process, we utilize a "low temperature sterilization" process. It is an outmoded and extremely inefficient method, but we employ it because we perceive it as the best method for sterilizing that does not destroy ingredients. Many of our loyal customers are people who suffer from skin problems or allergies. We believe that important components of the manufacturing process include not only the contemplation of product content, but also the proper consideration of customers who purchase our products.




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